The International Contest “Above Art Photography” will be held from October, 1st  2016 to December, 31st   2016.


The expected Prize Pool – 20 000 USD.


The Above Art Photography Contest is a unique opportunity to present your works to thousands of people, and internationally recognized masters of photography.


The names of the jury members say all for themselves: Lara Zankoul, Joel Robison, Hengki Koentjoro, Baber Afzal and Margarita Kareva.

The names of the winners in five categories will be announced on December 31st . The winners will be awarded cash prizes which are formed on the basis of the Prize Pool of the Contest.


Please send your works to:


Contest entry fees:

— October, 1 —  Decenber,15 — 5 USD per photo, each additional photo — 3 USD.

— December, 15 — December, 28 — 7 USD per photo, each additional — 3 USD.


You can pay entry fees HERE.

Contest Rules

1. The Prize Pool is formed by the contributions of participants of the Contest and sponsorship. You can submit photos in several categories or several photographs in one category.

2. The contest starts on 1 October 2016. All entries must be received by 28 December 2016. The winners will be notified on 31 December 2016.

3. Photo entries will be judged by the Jury Board, which consists of the AboveArt’s editors and the world – renowned photographers:

— Lara Zankoul

— Baber Afzal

— Joel Robison

— Hengki Koentjoro

— Margarita Kareva

4. The  photography awards categories:

— The best portrait photography

— The best landscape photography

— The best surreal photo

— The best animal photography

— The best black-and-white photography

5. Photography requirements:

— Format — jpg, png;

— The minimum size of the long side — 1000 pixels.

— The cover letter should include the name of the participant, the title of the photo, the category for nomination, contact details of a participant, entry fees payment information.

— Photos that have watermarks, copyrights and other insignia of photographers, as well as any other signs or images that hinder to see a picture are ineligible.

— If a photograph contradicts Russian legislation and norms of morality and ethics, it is not eligible for a prize.

6. The number of winners is determined in advance and will depend on the overall level of works and the Prize Fund.

7. The prize will be transferred via a payment system to the account of the winner. The winner is responsible for paying any notary public fees or taxes he/she may owe on a prize.

8. When submitting a work to the Contest:

·        Participant agrees to the Rules without any exceptions;

·        Participant gives consent to the personal data processing and storage;

·        Participant confirms that he or she is the author of a picture and the exclusive owner of the copyright for each photograph submitted to the Contest;

·        Participant agrees for using the submitted photos and publication them in the social networks and website.

9. Above Art will notify the winner within 10 working days after the result announcement via the contact information provided at the time of entry.


Lara Zankoul

Lara Zankoul

Lara Zankoul creates contemporary fairy tales, which explore the charm and mystery of the human psyche.  Whimsical and playful, they represent an attempt to invent new worlds, to push against the boundaries of our reality and escape the monotony of everyday life.

Lara Zankoul on the Internet:

Hengki Koentjoro

Hengki Koentjoro

Hengki Koentjoro known by his black-and-white works, which he pushes the boundaries of light and shadow, displaying a monochrome picture to the next level. Playing off the stark contrast present in black and white photography, he shows us our incredible world in a beautifully dramatic way.

Hengki Koentjoro on the Internet:

Baber Afzal

Baber Afzal

Baber Afzal — captures breathtaking landscape photos that blur the line between fantasy and reality. Whether it is the beauty of nature, or urban landscapes — they stagger the imagination.

Baber Afzal on the Internet:

Joel Robison

Joel Robison

Joel Robison works are a great mixture of nostalgia, romance and a boundless love for life. His creative mind takes us all on a journey to a land where books are made for reading and physically living in. Each of his works — a real mini-masterpiece.

Joel Robison on the Internet:

Margarita Kareva

Margarita Kareva

Margarita Kareva creates an exciting magical photo-tales that appear in real life and delight us with stories. With the goal of weaving fictional narratives that fall outside the realm of photorealism, she immerses her beautiful subjects in fantastical scenes that look straight out of a storybook.

Margarita Kareva on the  Internet:



Above Art

Above Art everyday presents major works in modern art, highlighting what is the best in art today.

We have reviewed and evaluated thousands of works for the several years, and we hope that our opinion and expertise will be helpful for the the Jury Board when making a decision.

AboveArt on the Internet:


This category of photography will accept animalistic entries which can be presented by either domestic or wild animals.

Sometimes monochrome photos can be more expressive and emotional than color photographs. This category will accept any black and white photographs.  Authors can give the reins to their imagination.

Surreal photography invites the viewer to the journey into the subconscious and irrational. In these studies, the authors turn away from reality, referring to their fantasies and dreams, drawing symbols from them and put them into artistic images.

This category will accept surreal pictures, collage works or works created in the graphic editor.

Landscapes have always been the most popular among the audience. They help the viewer to move to any point of our planet.

It might be any kind of landscapes including urban views and architecture, mountains, seascapes, landscape photographs and pictures taken from the air.

Portrait photography or just a portrait is shooting a person or a small group of people (group portrait), in which the person is the dominant element. The purpose of this type of photos to demonstrate the similarity, mood and personality of the object. Generally, the picture is focused on face, but some of the images can include other parts of the body.

This category will accept photos depicting one person or several people.